Weeping Over the Torah of Yeshua

Rivers of water run down from my eyes,
men do not keep Your Torah. Psalm 119: 136

When was the last time you or I wept because people do not keep the Torah?

Recently, at a small group prayer gathering, one of the intercessors began to pray for restoration in the body of Messiah. That the body would be restored to the fullness of God’s word, ALL of it from Genesis to Revelation.

So much of mainstream Christianity camps out in the New Testament. There is no foundation, no meditation, no knowledge or understanding of the Old Testament, of the Torah. It’s almost like we have cut the bible in half, pitched the Old Testament in the trash, and then we camp out only in the New Testament. So, as we pray for repentance and restoration for the body of Messiah, it  is a return to the God of Israel and to the fullness of His word, a return to keeping and following TORAH, all the word of God.

As he was praying for restoration to Torah in the church, a picture dropped into my spirit. I saw a man standing. It was a hot day and he was wearing shorts and a T shirt. He was drenched in sweat. Why? He had been hobbling and hopping around on ONE LEG for a long time. His right leg was strong and steady and could easily bear weight.

The other leg was withered and bent. The muscles had atrophied through disuse. This leg could bear no weight at all.   He was leaning on some crutches. It was almost like he had taken a fall long ago, the bone in the left leg was disjointed and out of place. It appeared like it had never been set properly  and it had healed with crooked bones that were out of joint.  So, the only way he could get around was on “ONE LEG” by hopping around and leaning hard on the crutches.

As we prayed for restoration to the LIVING TORAH in the church, suddenly the man’s leg was completely restored. He threw off the crutches and began to walk normally. He had a HUGE GRIN on his face!

The Holy Spirit impressed upon me that the good leg he had been standing on all this time was the New Testament. The bad leg that was withered, crooked, atrophied, wasa the Old Testament, the Torah.

We need BOTH legs to walk! We cannot camp out on just one or the other: we need BOTH! Listen to the rest of this message…(25 mins)