Torah and Grace: God’s Power Twins ~ Pt 4

Noah, (Gen. 6:8) Joseph, (Gen 39:21) Moses (Ex.33:12-17) and David (Ps. 51:1) were given grace. The nation of Israel was redeemed out of Egypt by grace through faith when they put the blood of the lamb on the doorpost (Ex. 12:3-7). According to the same principle, believers in Yeshua are saved by grace through faith (Eph 2:8-9). After we are saved by grace through faith, we are to follow the Torah (Rom. 3:31). The grace of the God of Israel is given to those who seek to follow His Torah (Ps. 103:17-18). Yeshua gave the Torah at Mount Sinai (Is 33:22, James 4:12). The new covenant is the torah written upon our hearts (Jer. 31:33, Heb. 8:10). The Holy Spirit helps us to follow the Torah (Ez.36:26-27, John 16:13, Rom 7:22). We love Yeshua by keeping His commandments (John 14:15). The Torah is to be kept forever (Psalm 119:44).