Themes of Yom Teruah ~ A Wedding ~ Pt 1

These teachings are on the Festival of Trumpets (Yom Teruah / Rosh HaShanah). The first lesson discusses the twelve steps in the ancient Biblical wedding and how this teaches us about our marriage to Yeshua the Messiah. The last teachings on the Festival of Trumpets examines in detail the various themes of Yom Teruah including: Teshuvah, Rosh HaShanah (head of the year), Yom Teruah (the day of the awakening blast), Yom HaDin (the day of judgment), Yom HaZikkaron (the day of remembrance), HaMelech (the coronation day), Yamim Nora’im (the days of awe), Yom HaKiseh (the hidden day), the opening of the gates of heaven, the last trump and the resurrection of the dead.