Solomon’s Prayer ~ Repentance Leading to Fire and Glory

This prayer audio includes Solomon’s prayer of dedication for the temple. At the end of Solomon’s prayer, the fire and the glory of God comes down. The priests fall on their faces in the manifested presence of God.

May we come into agreement and alignment with this prayer! May the spirit of repentance fall upon us, and as we repent of the rubble and ruin of the temple within us, may the Father begin to restore the altar of prayer within us. May the Father hear our heart-felt prayers of repentance that manifests in a transformed heart and changed behavior. And, as we do this temple cleansing within each one of us, may we become the “vessels of honor” that Yahweh is looking for, so that, at the time of His choosing, the outpouring of His glory and fire can fall into the vessels of honor that can catch, contain, carry, and spill out that glory upon others! May we walk in extravagant, extreme and extraordinary love for the Father and for one another!

This audio includes prayer of repentance from:
Daniel 9: 1-19, prayer of repentance in asking Yahweh to end the exile
2 Chronicles 5:11-15, the prelude
2 Chronicles 6:1-42, Solomon’s prayer of repentance and dedication
2 Chronicles 7: 1-2, Glory and Fire