Principles of the Greater Exodus ~ Pt 15 ~ Birth of Biblical Zion Triggers Tribulation

This teaching series explains how the events in Genesis and Exodus foreshadow the course of modern history. The Torah is given to us so we can learn and understand that through the lives of the patriarchs, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, and Moses, that this is a pattern for the people of Israel. Biblical history is prophecy. The biblical principle is this: the end is told in the beginning.

When Israel breaks the covenant made at Mt Sinai, they will later be going into exile. The events associated with Adam and Eve, Noah, Abraham and Isaac foreshadows the exile of the nation of Israel into the nations and their redemption through the Messiah. The conflict between Jacob and Esau foreshadows the events of the tribulation or Jacob’s trouble. Joseph’s separation from his brothers foreshadow the split of the house of Jacob into Northern Kingdom and Southern Kingdom and their eventual reunification. The judgments upon Egypt foreshadows the judgment upon the nations during the tribulation period. The two signs of Moses foreshadow the death and resurrection of the Messiah. The events of the historical Egyptian exodus foreshadows the tribulation, judgment of the nations, and the redemption of Ephraim and Judah.
These exiles of Israel will ultimately be gathered back to the land of Israel, they will be united in Messiah, and be under the rulership of Messiah Yeshua during the Messianic Era. Listen in as Eddie reveals to us the patterns and principles of the exile of our forefathers and the pattern of the ingathering of the exiles, known as the “Greater Exodus to Come.”