Ladders of Prayer

by Laura Densmore

During a recent prayer conference call, the Lord took me into an open vision. I was above the continental US, looking down upon the continent. It was dark, night-time. I saw many different prayer groups that were praying for Israel and for the US. Some groups met in person, some met over the phone. The dark places over the continent would suddenly “light up” as soon as they began to pray.

I saw ladders under construction reaching heavenward. Rung by rung, the ladders were being built. Angels were being dispatched to build these ladders to heaven. Every prayer group had an open heaven over it and a ladder under construction. Some ladders were further along than others.

I heard the Spirit of the Lord impress upon me the following instruction concerning the construction of the prayer ladders.

“Go lower, go lower still. The more you repent, the more you humble yourselves, the more the ladder rungs go higher into the heavenlies. The Kingdom of God is upside down. Go low, repent, humble yourself and then I will lift you up. There is great authority granted upon those who will genuinely and thoroughly humble themselves and repent of personal and corporate sins.”

As I watched these ladders arising all over the nation, I saw that they were connected to each other in the spirit AND that those prayer portals that were praying for Israel were all connected to the greatest portal of all—the one over Jerusalem at the Western Wall/Temple Mount plaza, the very apple of God’s eye.

I inquired of the Lord, “How to go low Abba? How to go lower still?”

I heard a whisper from the Holy Spirit: “Greater and deeper repentance is required. Return to me and to keeping the fullness of my Word.”

Then I saw angels being sent on assignment visiting many many many prayer groups all over the nation. They visited the leaders and the members of these prayer groups.

I looked at one of the intercessors. The chest cavity became clear: I could see right through it. There was a hard shell around the heart. The hard shell was comprised of: Performance, Pride and Manipulation/Control. The intercessor yielded to the move of the Holy Spirit and laid on their back. The angel then came and plunged the fiery flaming sword right into the person’s chest, piercing through the hard outer shell of pride, performance and manipulation/control.

Then, the angel wielded the sword and cut off the foreskin of the heart. At that point, tears of repentance were released and began to flow through the intercessor.

Over and over again, I saw many angels visiting the intercessors and their leaders and the process was repeated. Rivers and rivers of tears began flowing. The deeper the repentance, the higher the ladder went up heavenward.

Then I saw angels going up and down the prayer ladders, the prayer portals that had been established. There were MANY of them! These angels were delivering messages to the intercessors and leaders. They were receiving the counsel of God, the wisdom of God, the strategy of God, the spirit of prophecy, the spirit of revelation, words of wisdom, words of knowledge, even angelic visitations. Many messages were being delivered to those who were in repentance.

An open heaven is being established through the prayers of repentance. May we all continue down that path, in Yeshua’s name, amein.