Galatians ~ Pt 6a ~ Paul’s Passion for Yeshua and Following Torah by the Spirit

We have been going through the passages in the book of Galatians putting it into the Hebraic context and with eyes and mindset of the first century. The essential issue that Paul was debating was this: not IF one was to follow the Torah (that was a given) but HOW to follow the Torah.

Paul was passionate about the Torah. He was passionate that people would see that Yeshua was the Messiah. He was passionate that people would follow the Torah by the Spirit. Paul was speaking to the non-Jews in Galatia who were seeking to follow the Torah by “works of the Law” and being “under the law”. This is CODE for seeking to follow the Torah through the Pharisaic understanding of the Torah where the rabbis have the authority instead of Yeshua.

Listen in as Eddie unpacks Galatians like you have never heard before!